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    We’re a Software Development Company Empowering Businesses Around The World

    Powered by talent. Driven by passion. Made in Vietnam.


    We are Orient Software

    Orient Software is a software development company that specializes in providing our clients with high-quality software development services. The fundamental principle in everything we do lies in solid ethics, collaboration, tenacity, and responsibility. We are experienced, dedicated, and work with professionalism.

    Software development partnership


    Skilled and motivated staff


    Branches around the world


    Successful projects


    Clients worldwide

    What We Offer

    Delivery Team

    Delivery Team

    An autonomous team of experts who deliver top quality software development projects of any size to our clients.

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    Extended Team

    Extended Team

    Extend your development capacity with our talented engineers who are fully integrated into your team.

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    What We Do

    Orient Software helps SMBs and enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and business growth by offering quality software development services.

    Custom Software Development

    Custom Software Development

    We develop enterprise-grade software that is secure, scalable, and flexible to meet your organization's needs. Our development services include mobile apps, web applications, and custom software solutions.

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    QA and Testing

    QA and Testing

    Improve your product's performance and reliability with our expert testing services. From manual QA to automation, we ensure that all elements of your solution work flawlessly.

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    AI and Machine Learning

    AI and Machine Learning

    Reinvent your business with our AI and machine learning development services. We provide end-to-end AI and machine learning solutions that empower enterprises in their unique markets.

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    UX/UI Design

    UX/UI Design

    We create intuitive, engaging interfaces that delight users. Our expert team creates products that are not only easy to use but also eye-catchy and appealing.

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    Our Clients

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    Logo conexus
    Logo netwealth
    Logo dekra
    Logo wotif
    Logo espos
    Logo kikora
    Logo penetrace
    Logo virtium
    Logo geta
    Logo dds
    Logo excosoft
    Logo vntz
    Logo norpost
    Logo atlas
    Logo aspit
    Logo connor
    Logo imageware
    Logo lamplight
    Logo isolution

    Why Choose Us

    Our teams of experts are the driving force behind all of our successes. Together, we believe that anything is possible and work relentlessly to meet or exceed our client’s expectations while still staying true to our core values.

    Orient Software is committed to hiring the most talented individuals in Information Technology and providing them with ongoing professional growth and career development opportunities. Our staff members are not only passionate about technology but also equally dedicated to their work.

    • Happy customers and?95%?repeat business.
    • Strong focus on quality assurance throughout the process.
    • We have been in business since 2005.
    • Over 350 staff.
    • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company.
    • Seamless communication and collaboration with clients.
    • Software engineers who understand western work ethic.

    Awards and Certifications

    We dedicate all our time and effort to software quality. Orient Software holds several global awards and certifications to showcase our commitment and quality of our services.

    Award 1 Award 2 Award 8
    Award 3 Award 4
    Award 5 Award 6 Award 7 Award 9 Award 10

    Trusted by our clients

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